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Product Design

Nishida 01—03

Helped an acupuncturist kickstart her digital presence in Toronto. She wanted a fresh take on health/wellness websites that ties in traditional chinese medicine with a modern and youthful touch.

Brand Identity & strategy

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web development

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Elif Yalcinkaya

New website for an ambitious interior designer ready to conquer Toronto. Elif wanted to express her colourful personality while displaying her skills in an elevated portfolio.

Brand Identity & strategy

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web development

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Product work

Property Panel

En route to a more intuitive and fast editing experience. Total customization is a huge selling point for Thunkable. However, the editing experience, at the center of the user's daily use, was, at best a lacklustre experience. Product thought it was time to change that.

Product design

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Projects Versioning

To continue empowering users' creative process, we introduced Project Versioning—a feature designed to help creators never fear losing progress or making a misstep again. It was built as their safety net!

Product design

ux research


Projects Dashboard

Working on an ambiguous product design challenge that touches on multiple surfaces, and helps build the foundation for many future changes and features. Here is the Projects Dashboard aka the users homepage.

Product design

ux research



web design and development

The “I want the best for least amount of effort” service! If you have no idea where to start, and want it all, this is perfect for you. You get a step by step strategy for your online visual identity, a fully responsive websites customized for you!


Design only

Unlock your website's full potential with my 'Design Only' package. If you have the development skills but need expert design, you're in the right place. I will translate your unique visual identity into compelling online experiences that effectively convey your message.


project Consulting

Let's set up a strategy call and talk about your goals for your website, the we will set up a plan for you to reach them. This process is under your full control!

Not your usual pixels

Bored of being mad. Mad of getting bored.





In a digital world swarming with clones and replicas, the decision to rebel against digital mediocrity isn't just a choice – it's a necessity.

Studies reveal that companies and individuals who dare to be different are 87% more likely to be remembered and recommended. Like a star shining brightly amidst a constellation, uniqueness is your North Star, guiding your audience's attention and loyalty.

So, dare to be that unexpected stroke, that memorable note, and rebel against the mundane. Because in a world where conformity is the norm, being unique is the revolution that propels you toward recognition, success, and a future painted with your distinct hues.





If you're tired of the same old, cookie-cutter solutions and yearn to break free from the crowd, let's connect. Together, we'll craft a digital experience that's anything but ordinary. It's time to set sail towards a unique and exciting future. So, why wait?

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