Elif Yalcinkaya

Brand Identity & strategy

motion graphic

web design

web development

New website for an ambitious interior designer ready to conquer Toronto. Elif wanted to express her colourful personality while displaying her skills in an elevated portfolio.


Elif had crafted a portfolio previously but found it lacking. Navigating the intricacies of digital brand identity and other strategic facets of website ownership seemed daunting. Her initial choice was Squarespace, but she soon realized that her website blended in with the masses, failing to capture her individuality.


With her portfolio complete, Elif's job search underwent a dramatic transformation, garnering considerable attention within the Toronto community. Her newfound credibility yielded not only tangible outcomes but also a deep sense of satisfaction in her work. Sometimes, all we need is a fresh digital presence to make our mark.

Drawing inspiration from the artistry of Turkish craftsmanship and traditional patterns, my objective was to fashion a brand that felt both modern and deeply connected to Elif's cultural background.

Elifnas desired a visual identity that truly resonated with her, one that encapsulated her diverse influences and vibrant personality. It was essential to showcase not only her colorful character but also her Turkish heritage. By crafting a visual identity that felt deeply personal and authentic, we succeeded in creating something she proudly presents to her clients.