Megan Nishida

Brand Identity & strategy

motion graphic

web design

web development

Helped an acupuncturist kickstart her digital presence in Toronto. She wanted a fresh take on health/wellness websites that ties in traditional chinese medicine with a modern and youthful touch.


When surveying the wellness website scene, one thing was super clear: Megan wasn't impressed with any of them. They either leaned too heavily towards a clinical feel or embraced a traditional Eastern aesthetic that didn't align with her vision. Even the wellness brands she discovered on social media failed to strike a chord. Megan realized she needed help to define her identity, determine her desired perception, and chart a path to achieve it.


Megan finally got a website that truly reflects her and her desired image. The creative approach elevated the wellness vibe, steering away from the prevailing soft palette trends. We aimed to convey acupuncture as a rich, profound and emotional experience.

Starting with the elegant loader animation that welcomes future clients and continuing through the scrolling experience until they reach the end of the narrative, every detail has been painstakingly crafted.

Every facet of the website has been meticulously curated to evoke a sense of luxury and serenity. Whether it's the captivating image parallax scrolling or the enchanting text animations, each element of the digital experience has been thoughtfully designed to create a holistic and immersive journey.